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Top 3 Reasons to Vacation in Destin During September


September is one of those months that most people think of kids going back to school. Families get back in their post summer vacation routines. And yes, work is still there waiting for you at the office. But September is the perfect time to vacation in Destin. Especially if you love lower rates, less crowds and warm water. Here are our top 3 reasons to plan a beach getaway in Destin in September.

Room Rates Drop

Get the same beachfront vacation rental in Destin at a much better rate. A typical 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom beachfront condo in the summer for one week is between $2100 - $2500. The same one week stay in September (minus labor day weekend) is between $1500 - $1650. That's a nice bit of extra cash you can use to stretch your vacation. 

Crowds are Gone

If you have been to Destin during the summer, you know the beach is absolutely packed with vacationers. Highway 98 can get bumper to bumper with traffic. And wait times at our favorite restaurants can be nearly 2 hours. But try booking a vacation in September and you'll see things are quite different. Once school starts back up in mid-August, things get back to normal in our sleepy little fishing village. 

Weather is Still Warm

Destin is made for summer weather. Warm water means you get to maximize activities in and around our emerald green water and sugar white sand beaches. So grab your paddleboard, innertube or snorkle gear and discover how much fun it is to play in the ocean. Warm weather and water also has a way of making you relax more and move with a little less haste. Take advantage of our beach chairs and umbrellas (included with every reservation) and layout in the warm summer sun, sip on your favorite beverage or take a nice easy dip in the pool.